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Reflections of a Parent & Teacher by Hamida Amanat

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Reflections of a Parent & Teacher in a Public School
twenty years ago

Once, in a crowded high school Classroom
I saw a Muslim name
On closer observation
The faces looked the same

Neither posture nor attire
Gave out any clue
Christ, Moses or Muhammad
Whose follower are you?

There was no way of telling
One from the other
Lost in the ;Melting Pot’
Was the muslim sister, brother

Is America the Beautiful
Becoming a cultural wasteland
Why folks flock to it’s shore
It is hard to understand

Where the sacred Institutions
Church, Family & the School
Have succombned to the Youth
Simply ‘freedom’ is the rule!

Why produce and raise children
Why to go through all the pain?
Ask any parent here
What’s the ratio of loss or gain?

spontaneous reflections of
Hamida Amanat


This is how I had felt
More than twenty some years ago
After learning some hard lessons
This is what I now know!

Do not just go on judging others
Based on what you see,
Instead of seeing the surface
Seek the inner reality!