Reflections on Life by Sr. Hamida Amanat

The Holy Quran in our Lives
The Quran is our Holy Book!
Search it's pages & you will find
Answers to problems of every kind!
What to do and how to live?
What to take, when, how to give?
What is right and what is wrong?
A concise clear cut Message strong
What's halal, haram and in between?
Major, minor sins defined and seen...
Surah Shams, yes, it says all!
By contrasting earth-sky, sun-moon, day-night
Clear distinction between wrong and right!
The story of Isa-Ibne Maryum's miraculous birth..
His amazing brief life upon this Earth!
Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice
To gain Allah's pleasure at any price!
And Yusuf forgiving his brothers one & all!
Amazing example of forgiveness to recall!
Musa & Muhammad (saw), two of a kind!
What nobler examples, where else could we find?..
Which other long book could you memorize by heart?
You would give up before you even start!
Yet, memorized by thousands for a long time!
The melodious meaningful verses sublime!
None other the Holy Quran.....
Hamida M. Amanat
spontaneous reflections
Oct. 18, 2013