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Youth Group

The JMIC Youth group is a community of individuals representing children, teenagers, and young adults in and around JMIC.  Our goal is to educate and engage the youth of the community in a productive way while building everlasting bonds and friendships.  We aim to enrich our congregation through a broad range of events from educational lectures, to social trips and outings, to offering support involving topical issues that typically arise in religious communities.
The JMIC youth group has its humble origins in the early 2000s and has had a natural ebb and flow of activity since. In its time, the group has organized myriad events including interfaith discussions, revert panels, community dinners, and field trips to Islamic conventions such as ICNA and RIS.  The YG continues to carry on the culture of consistent engagement and activity to this day.

The Youth Group is always looking for more volunteers and general members! See the Contact page for more details!

Secure Home in Jannah

The Prophet (SAW) tells us "Whosoever shares in building a masjid for Allaah, even if it is as small as a bird’s nest, Allaah (S.W.T.) will build for him a house in Paradise."

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